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Testimonials From Workshops

Ukulele lessons with Ukulele MeleJune Jones - Arizona
05 April 2018 (posted 5-star review on page)

"2 years ago, December 2016, my husband and I planned a first-time trip to Maui. I owned a ukulele but did not really know how to play it, and I decided to look online for any learning opportunity during the time we would be there. I found Ukulele Mele On Maui, and signed up via phone for her workshop at Bailey's. I was totally thrilled with the thorough instruction Mele gives beginners such as myself, and excited to be able to instantly play along with the many songs that were played in this 2-hour group session. The other members told me the best thing I could do was to go back to my hometown and join one or more of the free groups which are available in almost every city.

I certainly did that, and after playing with three different groups on a weekly basis, I always thought aobut the great instruction I received from Mele (I have found nothing comparable to her method and teaching), so I decided to purchase the one month membership online, to be able to download the pdf files of her unique arrangements and play along with her excellent videos. That was a fantastic month of learning for me, and I spent many hours each day going through the videos, playing along and learning from the best teacher, Mele Fong, right in the comfort of my own home.

So last week, my husband and I made our 2nd trip to Maui...My first thought in planning this trip was to look up Mele Fong's schedule to see if there was another workshop or some other opportunity whereby I could learn from "the BEST", and I was amazed to find 2 great events at Kaunoa Senior Center, which I signed up for. The first was an "Intermediate Strummer's Workshop" on April 4th, and then the following day, a "Sing-Along with Mele Fong"...I might mention that in the year and a half since I played a ukulele for the first time that I have actually become a performer in 2 bands, Scottsdale Strummers and Desert Strummers, and I "lead" the group Scottsdale Strummers once a month. My skills have advanced to the point that I was able to keep up with the other regular attendees in the Intermediate Strummers Workshop, and loved it so much. The following day, playing and singing at the "Sing-Along with Mele Fong" was fantastic!! I have now picked up new ideas for leading the Scottsdale Strummers because of my two days with Mele in Maui last week!

My husband and I are already thinking of our next trip to Maui. I know that #1 on my list will be to check Mele's calendar to make sure I can again be a part of her remarkable teaching. She is amazingly talented and willingly shares her talent with everyone who is lucky to learn from her."

Ukulele Mele workshopDennis Brown - Murrieta, CA
01 April 2018 (posted 5-star review on YELP after 10 March workshop)

"My wife and I recently returned from Maui and we had an extraordinary thrill. We had a personal 1 hour lesson with Mele. Three years ago my wife and I joined an Ukulele Group but had never played ukulele before and search YouTube for videos that might help. We discovered Mele's and they were amazing and very, very helpful. So when we saw a posting at the Bailey House Museum on Maui that Mele was offering a group lesson the following day, we couldn't believe our luck and signed up.

When we arrived the next day we found Mele but no other students. Why the others who signed up didn't come who knows. But she was so gracious she went right ahead with the lesson. After we got acquainted she adjusted her lesson to match our knowledge and ability. She adjusted the way we were holding our ukes, showed us different ways to strum and taught us some picking techniques. It was fantastic. What a thrill to have a personal lesson from one of the greatest Uke players on Maui. A day we will never forget."

Ukulele Mele workshopPatricia Hans - Rochester, NY
16 February 2018 (posted 5-star review on page after 10 February workshop)

"Mele is the best! Loved meeting her in person at a uke workshop after viewing her excellent videos on YouTube. It was like meeting a movie star! Mele is so animated and delightful-she could get anyone excited about playing the ukulele. My previous musical training as a child was so boring, I thought I had lost all interest in playing an instrument. Mele changed all that. She's an excellent teacher and makes music FUN, as it should be."

Ukulele Mele classTrudy Vroom - AZ
6 January 2018 (posted review on after 16 December 2017 workshop)

"Larry and I attended a "Strumming" workshop with Mele and learned so much about Hawaiian strums and Mele's own, specially named strums. We then attended two sing-alongs with Mele. She has a wealth of knowledge about Hawaiian history and the history of all the songs we sang. And, she is a GREAT singer and song leader. Thank you, Mele and Rich, we will be back!"


teenagers take Ukulele Mele workshopRob C - Park City, UT
26 February 2017 (posted 5-star review on YELP page after 18 February workshop)

"This was a delightful experience with a true master of the art, Ms. Mele Fong. We enrolled our two older kids in the workshop. Even though they are trained in music and have some previous ukulele experience, they learned new techniques and had fun doing it. The location is also a lot of fun as you will be able to take in the museum sights. Overall highly recommend the workshop and their approach to teaching."

Sean takes Ukulele Mele workshopSean Schmidt - Seattle, WA
22 December 2016 (posted 5-star review on page after 17 December workshop)

"Had a fun and instructive time at Mele's Bailey House Museum workshop and follow up private lesson. In just a few minutes I had learned all the basics, strumming, and some initial chords. Mele was flexible with a wide range of students but also had an eagle eye for detail when it came to doing things right from the start so not to pick up bad habits."

Jacquelyn Watt - Maui/Washington state
30 November 2016 (posted 5-star review on page after 19 November workshop)

"I wanted to let everyone know how very much I enjoyed the music classes at the Bailey House and the prior instruction at Kaunoa Senior Center for Mele Fong's Music Week. I have played the ukulele for a number of years but not as a gifted student as I feel I have musical dyslexia...the classes actually gave me a jump start on learning different strumming techniques and I am thrilled. I realized the value of Mele Fong's ukulele method and purchased two of her CD sets. A virtuoso I will never be, but maybe, just maybe, I can greatly improve the quality of my playing."

David Shonkwiler - Kihei, HI
22 November 2016

"Went to Ukulele Mele's Ukulele Strumming Workshop on Saturday October 15 and November 19, 2016. We had a really great time. Each and every time I go I learn something and reinforces what I have already learned. Get to meet new people each time that have a love for the ukulele and enjoy playing and learning together. Have taken one of her online classes about a year ago and continue to take classes at Kaunoa Senior Center in Spreckelsville on Maui. Love learning the different strums. If on Maui you need to contact her to set up a lesson or go online and take some of her lessons from home. I promise you won't regret it. It's all about learning and having fun doing it." 

Errol Lipschitz - Canada
20 November 2016

"Aloha Mele. Loved your ukulele workshop and having the fabulous bassist accompanist. Your instruction was clear, consise, and focussed. The two hour class time passed very quickly and I learnt much more than I expected to. I look forward to practising with the book and CD and DVD I purchased and seeing you next year again. Mahalo."

Georgia Hunter - Canada
19 November 2016 (posted on page)

"I just finished a wonderful ukulele class with Mele and her husband in the enchanting setting of the Bailey House, Wailuku. A must do if you like the ukulele!"

LeRae takes Ukulele Mele workshopLeRae Haynes - British Columbia, Canada
3 March 2016

"Mele, thank you so much for the wonderful uke lesson ('Ukulele Strumming Workshop 20 February) I got from you in the museum on Maui! Your 3/4 time strums, including the chicken plucker, came in SO HANDY tonight! I ended up accompanying a ladies choir on a rollicking tune called 'The Log Driver's Waltz' and used two of the strums I learned from you: one on the verses and another on the choruses. I thought of you with a hundred Mahalos tonight!"

David Shonkwiler - Kihei, HI
23 February 2016

"Great time again. Went to this Ukulele Strumming Workshop last month and I continue to learn each time I go. Already have plans to attend the next workshop Saturday March 19th from 10am until 12 noon at the Baily House Museum. Last one for the winter season I think so if you have not gone to one my plans to attend this one. You won't be disappointed."

David Shonkwiler - Kihei, HI
16 January 2016

"Had a great time at the ukulele workshop at the Bailey House Museum with Ukulele Mele today. She has lots of patience with those of us that need extra help and explains everything so you can understand what she is about to do and how to follow. Look forward to the next workshop in Feb. and March. Plan on attending her 101 ukulele class at the Kaunoa Senior Center beginning in Feb. If you are a beginner or someone that has been playing for awhile and wants to learn different strumming methods I highly recommend Mele Fong."

John Feis - Kihei, HI
16 January 2016

"I had a great time attending the ukulele strumming workshop at the Bailey House Museum with Mele Fong. She explained all the chords and especially the strumming techniques in a very clear manner. I especially like the fact that she had visual cues on the chord shapes. I've played guitar before but I'm pretty much a rookie on the ukulele and I found this workshop to be extremely helpful. I will definitely attend the next one. I am considering taking the online lessons. All the students had a great time and it was especially fun to feel the obvious enjoyment Mele gets out of sharing her skills."

Steve takes Ukulele Mele workshop Steve Bowler - Canada and Kihei, HI
29 November 2015 (about 21 November workshop)

"What a great Hawaii experience! I learned so much from Mele at my private lesson, then attended the strumming workshop the next day. Mele is a fantastic teacher, so patient, funny and easy to learn from. Such a great experience, Mele, thank you!"

Deborah takes Ukulele Mele workshopDeborah Pozin - Kihei, HI
24 October 2015 (about 17 October workshop)

"I have know Mele for many years, and she has an exceptional reputation as an excellent ukulele instructor. I recently had the opportunity to attend her strumming class at the Bailey House, and found it to be extremely helpful. There were a mixed group of students, several new to ukulele, several more experienced, yet Mele found a way to provide the exact right teaching method to address everyone's level. What surprised me the most was how fun Mele made the class. One could easily think that strumming could be boring, but not so with Mele. She makes it all so fun and exciting in her style of presentation, and class content. I really enjoyed that she kept the class pace moving forward, no lagging, no dead or dull time at all, but moving smoothly in a very professional manner. I felt the entire time that I was in the presence of a true master ukulele performer and instructor. Mahalo Mele!"

Annie took Ukulele Mele workshopAnnie Phan - Kihei, HI
19 October 2015 (about 17 October workshop)

"It was a wonderful learning experience to be at Mele's workshop at the Bailey House Museum. She was an amazing teacher, very easy to understand and follow her instructions. I learned a lot and had a great time playing, singing along. Her husband Rich was a fantastic player."

Joan took Ukulele Mele workshopJoan Reynolds - Fountain Hills, AZ
19 October 2015 (about 17 October workshop)

"I was fortunate to be vacationing on Maui and able to participate in the strumming workshop last Saturday at the Bailey House. What a terrific experience and Mele makes learning lots of fun. I would recommend this workshop to anyone interested in learning how to strum to different styles of music! Thank you Mele!"

Jim takes Ukulele Mele workshop

Jim Thompson - Western Australia
May 2015 (2 lessons April and 25 April Workshop at Steel Guitar Fest)

"When I visited Maui, I arranged to have ukulele lessons with Mele Fong. I also attended one of her workshops. Mele is a great teacher. She is very patient and inspires confidence in players of all levels. Mele's method gives you a strong foundation to improve your playing and really enjoy the ukulele. If you can't visit, then try the online or video lessons".

Brian Lewis, Surrey, B.C. Canada
November 17, 2013

"I had the pleasure of attending Mele's ukulele strumming workshop recently on Maui and to say it exceeded my expectations is an understatement! There was something for everyone no matter what your playing level. Most importantly, I came away with  a stronger and more determined desire to better my playing on this wonderful little musical instrument. I'm sure others did as well and the two-hour session ended all too quickly. Well done, Mele!"

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