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Sibil and Bruno from Zurich, Switzerland progressed from no knowledge of how to play the 'ukulele to playing 3-chord songs and singing in different languages in just a few days. Here they are playing The Happy Wanderer on March 4, 2016. Read more.

Maria learns from Ukulele MeleMaria Granillo - Mexico City, Mexico
25 January  2015

"I live in Mexico and I found Mele in a video playing ukulele with her husband Rich. I started to study with Mele online and her lessons are beautiful. I have learned and enjoyed too much with Mele.

Mele, thank you for helping me so much, for being very nice with me, for taking your time to give me tips, for teaching me a lot of things to learn ukulele and make that I can do it. Thank you for being my teacher.

We wait for you in Mexico City!! Mahalo Mele! Muchas Gracias Mele!" 

Deb took private lessons from Ukulele MeleDeb H. - Yellowknife, New Territories, Canada
26 July 2015 (6 lessons July, plus March 2015 Ukulele Strumming Workshop)

"Ukulele Mele ... no ka 'oi! Mele is the best!

I purchased a ukulele 2 years ago when I was on Maui because I totally enjoyed listening to ukulele music and thought it would be fun to play. It was my way of bringing a little piece of Maui and the "aloha spirit" home to Canada's great white north. As winter set in, it was the perfect time to hunker down and learn a few tunes. And I did just that...slowly! Using a "Jumpin' Jim's" songbook, I was able to figure out some basic chords and a few strumming patterns. But, every song I played sounded the same!

A year and a half later, I returned to Maui and this is when I started to seek out opportunities to play with others. I participated in one of Mele's strumming workshops and returned home wanting more! I played on and off again, but the self-teaching gig just wasn't doing it!

To Maui I must go! I contacted Mele, booked some lessons and the rest, as they say, is history. I took 6 private lessons over a two week period and have learned more than I ever did in the past 2 years. More importantly, Mele was able to help me sort out my improper left hand technique that was leaving me with a pain in my wrist! My time spent playing ukulele and talking story with Mele was a pleasure. So much so, that I intend to continue to take lessons with her via webcam from my home in Yellowknife. When in Maui, I highly recommend taking ukulele lessons with Mele." 

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Swiss couple took private lessons from Ukulele MeleSibil and Bruno - Switzerland
8 March 2016 (10 lessons February 27-March 4)

"While we were traveling the world by bicycle, we came up with the idea to carry an ukulele would be fun. What could be a better place to start playing the ukulele than Hawaii? So we booked a flight to Maui and here we are. We booked intensive lessons for one week and are more than happy with our progress. Not only we are able to play the song "Happy Birthday," we also can sing it in Hawaiian! Besides teaching ukulele, Mele also taught us a lot of Hawaii. We never played the ukulele before, but after one week of intensive lessons, we have a variety of songs we can play such as the Happy Wanderer, Happy Birthday and many three chord songs.

We really love her style and her approach of teaching. The beautiful location of Bailey House Museum is another highlight, we even played outside in the garden surrounded with a lot of native plants. We can highly recommend Mele as your future ukulele teacher.

By the way, Make sure you can get a lesson on Friday: So you can see Mele in her beautiful "Aloha Friday" dress. :-)" 

(See their website showing their travels around the world by bicycle) (Read more from a teacher's perspective)

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Lynn takes ukulele from MeleLynn Hashizaki - Maui
22 December 2012

"I have taken many ukulele classes, but none can compare to the one that I took from Mele. I thought I knew the basics of playing the ukulele, but Mele taught me the proper way of holding and strumming the ukulele. It has taken me a while to use these techniques because of the bad habits that were formed throughout the years. Through her teaching skills I have learned different ways of strumming which makes a world of difference. These various strumming adds to the beauty of the songs that are played. I would encourage anyone to take the classes that Mele has to offer. Her teaching techniques and professionalism is of the highest quality."

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Deborah takes Ukulele Mele workshopDeborah Pozin - Kihei, HI
24 October 2015 (about 17 October workshop)

"I have know Mele for many years, and she has an exceptional reputation as an excellent ukulele instructor. I recently had the opportunity to attend her strumming class at the Bailey House, and found it to be extremely helpful. There were a mixed group of students, several new to ukulele, several more experienced, yet Mele found a way to provide the exact right teaching method to address everyone's level. What surprised me the most was how fun Mele made the class. One could easily think that strumming could be boring, but not so with Mele. She makes it all so fun and exciting in her style of presentation, and class content. I really enjoyed that she kept the class pace moving forward, no lagging, no dead or dull time at all, but moving smoothly in a very professional manner. I felt the entire time that I was in the presence of a true master ukulele performer and instructor. Mahalo Mele!"

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Marilyn Nagy and MeleMarilyn Nagy, Sterling, Alaska
06 October 2013

"It was a great time attending your workshop in Homer. Getting explanations about the strums was so helpful. I enjoy playing the ukulele, but sometimes I need a little help to get the rhythms of the strums. And playing along with you and Richard was a treat. My internet is very slow at my home, so I purchased your DVD kit for Nostalgic Hawaiian songs, now it is like having you in my living room with me. I like how you break down the songs, it simplifies what seems complicated. Then I am able to practice the parts I have difficulties with. Thank you for coming to Homer and spreading more aloha around the world. Hawaiian music reminds me to bring more aloha to my day, especially when we can all play together."

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