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Professional entertainers The Hawaiian Serenaders produce all radio recordings of Ukulele Mele arrangements with unique 'ukulele strums. The recorded songs provide an easy consistent rhythm for you to play along without the fancy triplets, syncopation, and other techniques that we apply during our performances.

Listen to The Hawaiian Serenaders songs for performances.


  • We sing so you don't have to (unless you want to) so you can concentrate on playing your 'ukulele.
  • Play along and in some cases take us along to be your backup band wherever you go.
  • Songs sheets in the same key as the audio recordings are available. 



  1. Join the online Fan Club - select from Hawaiian, hapa haole, pop, and Christmas genres for a total of 95 songs. Schedule private webcam (Skype) lessons from your home and receive the song sheets and lessons on how to play them with feedback from Ukulele Mele.
  2. Learn Hawaiian songs online - select from 24 traditional Hawaiian songs and 8 hapa haole songs that you can learn via self-study online lessons. Subscribe to Complete Monthly Online Lessons aka Advanced Online Lessons for experienced players for access to a total of 50 songs to learn for 30 days at-a-time. Purchase the One Month Trial or Recurring Monthly Packaged for savings.
  3. Learn songs for beginners online - select from 8 songs geared just for you. Subscribe to Ukulele Mele Basics aka Beginner Online Lessons.
  4. Learn songs for intermediate players online - select from 16 songs geared just for you.
  5. Sample online lessons - select from 4 songs for beginners to advanced players.
  6. Learn songs off-line - select from 6 Packaged Song Sets of book/DVD/CD to learn 6 songs with 8 unique 'ukulele strums per set. Select sets for your abilities and musicial interests.

radio showMele and Rich were guests on AM 900 KNUI morning radio show called  "Maui Breakfast Club" on Friday, December 21, 2012. Host Tom Blackburn-Rodriquez (on left) heard the Serenaders perform at the J. Walter Cameron Center on December 7, and was so impressed that he invited us onto the show co-hosted by Kellie Pali-Cruz (on right). Songs included: Kupa Landing (in Hawaiian language), Beyond the Reef (from boat days era), Lahainaluna (Maui song), Girl From Ipanema (jazz), Flying (mellow song to Bossa Nova beat), and ended with the Hawaiian Christmas song Mele Kalikimaka.



Mele gets radio show CDAfter the show, Ray the radio technician gave Mele a copy of the program on CD.

You can download the full uncut version of the 55:46 radio show and then listen to it on your computer audio player, ipod, or other digital audio listening device. Enjoy!

While on the air, some of Mele's ukulele students and the executive director of the Bailey House Museum called in with their comments. You can hear their endorsements here.