Mele Ukulele Store

Ukulele Stores and More

Cheryl Rock, owner of Mele Ukulele, has two stores to sell instruments in Wailuku and at the Shops at Wailea. Sometimes people get confused between the store Mele Ukulele and the teacher Ukulele Mele.

Mele Fong teaches how to play the instrument, plays a 6-string Mele Ukulele, and is also known as the business Ukulele Mele On Maui – not the store Mele Ukulele.

In November 2014, Cheryl and her husband Mike opened a new store upstairs at the Shops at Wailea. Cheryl asked Mele for help in responding to management efforts to increase exposure for the ukulele. In December 2014, Mele met with Cheryl and Bob Dye, General Manager of the Shops at Wailea, and agreed to start a new program of ukulele entertainment and workshops to be held in 2015. “Ukulele Mix Plate” was held 8 times from January – April 2015.

(Photo of Mele with Cheryl Rock, owner of Mele Ukulele, outside their new store in the Shops at Wailea, December 2014)