Ukulele Stores, Festivals, and More

Ukulele Mele is a teacher not a store

Ukulele Stores and More

Mele with Cheryl Rock, co-owner of Mele Ukulele store

Mele Ukulele is “the web’s best source of quality hand-made solid wood ukuleles” and has two stores – in Wailuku call 808-244-3938 and in Shops at Wailea call 808-879-6353 – or visit

Bounty Music is a “Maui based store and website source of ukulele and Ukulele Link Listings of sites relating to ukes.” One store in Kahului call 808-871-1141 or visit

Lahaina Music is a store that sells ukulele and offers free weekly lessons in west Maui.  Call 808-661-7625 or visit

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(Photo above was taken in December 2014 at Mele Ukulele’s new store at the Shops at Wailea. In 2015, The Hawaiian Serenaders produced “Ukulele Mix Plate” at the Shops at Wailea to help out the owners of Mele Ukulele.)


Kamaka Hawaii, Inc. is a family owned and operated business, “makers of Hawaii’s finest ukuleles since 1916.” One store in Honolulu, Oahu visit

Holualoa Ukulele Gallery is a place that “displays ukuleles created by ukulele makers from around these Hawaii Islands.” One store on the Big Island of Hawaii call 808-324-4100 or visit



Ukulele Festivals of Hawaii is a “non-profit organization started by Roy and Kathy Sakuma, to bring laughter, love and hope to children and adults throughout Hawaii and the world through the music of the ukulele.” The first festival was held in 1971 at Kapiolani Park in Waikiki on Oahu. Festivals are now held annually on the islands of Oahu, Hawaii, Kauai, and Maui. Visit

Ukulele Picnic of Hawaii is produced by Kazujuki Sekiguchi to draw Japanese and local Hawaiians together. The first festival was held in 2009 at Kaka’akao Waterfront Park on Oahu. (Visit Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii).


Ukulele Guild of Hawaii is a “non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation, perpetuation and promotion of the ‘ukulele as a significant musical instrument.” Visit

Ukulele Hall of Fame Museum is a “non-profit organization dedicated to document, preserve and promote the history of the ukulele, its players, and makers, as well as to inspire and engage people everywhere in the perpetuation of the ukulele and ukulele music through performances and exhibits.” Visit

HAWAIIAN MUSIC SOURCES website is a resource for Hawaiian music lyrics and more. website is a resource for Hawaiian music and hula archives. website is a source for lyrics to Hawaiian songs written in English.