Graduation Day

Ukulele Beyond The Basics

We arrived one hour early to setup our customized decorations for the graduating class of Ukulele Beyond the Basics. Notice the musical notes in the rhythm of the Morse Code Strum.

In January 2009, Mele began teaching a “Ukulele Beyond The Basics” 6-month course that met weekly on Monday mornings for 2-hours and culminated in a graduation program where students demonstrated their collective abilities to play 7 different ukulele strums to selected songs accompanied by Richard Tom on upright bass.

During the graduation program, Pomp and Circumstance was played as students processed in the room to receive their diploma signed by Mele and the Director of Kaunoa Senior Services. Then each student received an identification card to “Mele’s Ukulele Alumni Club” for a lifetime of ukulele fun and fellowship.

Four classes ranging from 8-13 students each were held from January 2009-December 2011. Several students progressed into the Maui Ukulele Pops Band and other classes as Mele’s initial experiment to offer musical lifelong-learning classes at Kaunoa continues.

(Photo taken of Mele and Rich at Graduation Day of Class 2, 17 December 2009)