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Online Lessons

Ukulele Mele offers Online Lessons by monthly subscription for self-study and personal Webcam (Skype) Lessons for feedback that you can learn on your digital device from home, or from anywhere!

Online Lessons

  • There are over 50 online lessons, ranging from the initial beginner "how to hold your uke" lessons, all the way through very advanced songs with multiple chord changes and complex strumming styles.
  • Each lesson includes downloadable song sheet, video lesson for how to play it, video story behind the song, and audio recording by The Hawaiian Serenaders using the same song sheets so you can play along with professional musicians. 

Webcam (Skype) Lessons

  • Students get expert feedback from Ukulele Mele without traveling to Maui.
  • Students select from song arrangements in the Packaged Song Sets, Online Lessons, Single Song Purchases, or online Fan Club for a customized repertoire of learning.

Recurring Monthly Lessons

  • If you want to enjoy a long-term semester of ukulele lessons, you can get the Recurring Monthly Package for a discount!
  • Automatic payment via PayPal lets you continue your lessons without break, and saves five dollars per month.
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USD 55.00
Experienced players ready to play songs with more complex chords and strum patterns.
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USD 25.00
Ideal for first-time players, and people with no experience playing a stringed instrument.
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USD 35.00
If you can play a few chords and strum a little, these lessons will take you to the next level.
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USD 100.00
Personal lesson with Ukulele Mele over the internet, anywhere in the world.