Ukulele Mix Plate

The Hawaiian Serenaders

We coordinated eight Ukulele Mix Plate events from January 7 – April 8, 2015 in the fountain courtyard of the Shops at Wailea. The 1 ½ hour event from 6-7:30 p.m. was held on the first, second, and fourth Wednesdays. The format was part professional entertainment and part teaching group ukulele lesson with instruments available to rent from Mele Ukulele Store. We also coordinated a Youth Showcase for the first five events and provided sound support for 22 individuals from 12-21 years-old from 12 different schools. Sometimes hula dancers Janet and Linda added to our show and assisted during the group ukulele lessons.

“I learned more from one group lesson from you than at 19 lessons I have taken at home in Vancouver.” “I return every week just to hear you sing.” “I bought a new Mele Ukulele at The Shops at Wailea because of my experience at Mixed Plate.” –some comments from participants.

This all started when Cheryl Rock, owner of Mele Ukulele Store that opened at the Shops, called asking for help coordinating an ukulele event for free and we could sell our book/DVD/CD packages and book private ukulele lessons.

(Photo taken of us next to the sign for Ukulele Mix Plate at the Shops at Wailea at 28 January 2015)

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Mele Fong is a professional singer, song arranger, and master of multiple strumming styles for the 'ukulele. She is an experienced educator with over 50+ years experience playing the 'ukulele and entertaining worldwide. Mele performs with her husband in the duo "The Hawaiian Serenaders" and leads student groups. In 1996, the duo represented the State of Hawai'i in concert at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. Mele and her husband Richard Tom were both born and raised on Oahu and now reside in Maui.