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Prices and Policies

Ways to Learn with Ukulele Mele
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Private Lessons in Person and Small Group Lessons on Maui by cash or local check after your lesson, or in advance via PayPal.
Private Lessons via Webcam, Monthly Subscription Lessons and products are done online through PayPal.
Gift Certificates are also available online through PayPal.

Cancellation of Scheduled Lessons:

Private Lessons: If you have a scheduled lesson but have to cancel that day due to sickness or other unforeseen circumstances, you can reschedule for another time. Please give as much notice in advance so that other plans can be made.
Small Group Lessons: A minimum of 2, maximum of 6 students required. If one person has to cancel at the last minute, and only one person can make it, that person has two options:
• take the scheduled lesson time as a private lesson and pay more OR
• reschedule for another time when all group members can make it.

Recording and copies
Audio recording during lessons for personal practice only is okay. Video recording during lessons and copying song arrangements to distribute to non-students is not.

Policy changes
We have the right to change policies and prices with proper thirty-day notice.

Student Protocols
•    After you arrive, please silence your cell phones unless you are expecting an emergency call.
•    Before and during your lesson, make sure your ukulele stays tuned to GCEA. When using an electronic tuner, make sure it is calibrated to the frequency reference of 440Hz, the general tuning standard for musical pitch.
•    After your lesson, wipe down your ukulele with a soft cloth to remove the oils from your fingers, keep your instrument cool while avoiding direct sunlight for long periods of time, and store it upright when possible.
•    Remember - practice, practice, practice and have fun!