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Ukulele Mele On Maui, a family business based on the Hawaiian island of Maui since July 2011, provides 'ukulele lessons and entertainment with aloha worldwide.

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MISSION - to share the joy of making music, one 'ukulele player at a time.


  1. Learn something from an experienced educator and professional 'ukulele entertainer as your teacher - versus trying to teach yourself or being one of many in a group setting where you don't get expert feedback.  Learn more about Mele.
  2. Build a solid foundation in your knowledge about the 'ukulele (history, types, parts, tuning, etc.) and progress according to your 'ukulele playing abilities after an assessment - versus following a rigid preset curriculum. Learn more about the monthly newsletter.
  3. Improve proficiency in forming 'ukulele chord shapes 'The Ukulele Mele Way' - versus straining your muscles more than necessary. Learn more by playing sample lessons.
  4. Expand rhythms in playing unique 'ukulele strums 'The Ukulele Mele Way' - versus playing songs using the same strums so they all sound the same. Learn more by watching demos of strums in 4/4 time.
  5. Continue lifelong learning and practice via online lessons for self-study or by downloading single song lessons to have more fun playing your 'ukulele for your own enjoyment or with others - versus limiting yourself to a one-time lesson. Learn more about ways to learn from Mele.
  6. Join a worldwide network of people who play the 'Ukulele Mele Way' - versus limiting yourself.  Listen to audio recordings of arranged songs. Learn more about the free online Fan Club.
  7. Have fun! Mele follows in the footsteps of Hawaiian oral tradition by teaching students to watch, listen, and repeat the musical patterns without needing to read music. Learn more about the importance of making music.



Mele performs at 2013 steel guitar festMele Fong, aka Ukulele Mele, is a professional singer, song arranger, and master of multiple genres and strumming styles for 'ukulele. She is an experienced educator who has developed a unique method of forming chord shapes with minimal muscle strain along with different strumming patterns that make songs sound better. As a Native Hawaiian with over 50 years experience playing the 'ukulele, Hawai'i's official instrument, Mele follows Hawaiian music traditions by teaching students to have fun learning to "Watch. Listen. Play. The Ukulele Mele Way."

A graduate of Kamehameha Schools in 1973, Mele attended the Conservatory of Music at the University of Pacific in Stockton, CA, and earned a Bachelors Degree in Recreation in 1977. Mele worked on the mainland for many years for the USDA Forest Service before returning to Hawai'i in 2000 to work for the National Park Service. In January 2009, Mele began teaching classes at Kaunoa Senior Center, and in 2011 her students encouraged her to expand worldwide by teaching in the virtual classroom. Thus, Ukulele Mele On Maui was born in July 2011.


The Hawaiian Serenaders perform in 2014Richard Tom and Mele Fong perform professionally as the husband-wife duo The Hawaiian SerenadersThey play 'ukulele and u-bass and sing a variety of Hawaiian, hapa haole, pop, and jazz favorites, with a specialty in nostalgic boat days music. The Serenaders are artists with the University of Hawai'i at Manoa's Statewide Cultural Extension Program, and they have represented the state of Hawai'i at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. Rich and Mele are both Hawai'i born and raised and have resided in Maui since 2000. Public concert venues are

listed in the upcoming event calendar. Complete a Services Request Form for information.


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