Private Ukulele Lessons

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Patty DeLuca of California tells about her experience taking lessons in June 2016

Private lessons with Ukulele Mele

Mele taught private one-on-one ukulele lessons at the historic Hale Ho’iki’ike at the Bailey House (Bailey House Museum) in Wailuku from November 2011 – December 2018. Students discovered the available services mainly from internet searches and from Mele’s ukulele workshops for the public and Ukulele Mix Plate events at the Shops at Wailea in 2015. Most students were visitors to Maui from around the world and across the United States looking for a unique one-time Maui experience. The target was adults with the minimum age for children at 7 years-old. Lessons started out being 45-minutes and then changed to 1-hour.

Some students continued from home using the packaged song sets of Book/DVD/CD they purchased, scheduling webcam lessons, or subscribing to online lessons.

MEMORABLE MOMENTS – CLICK ON A PHOTO to read a testimonial

Some private students came to Mele’s music studio to take lessons because it was more convenient than going to the Bailey House. Most of these students were looking for a longer commitment than just a one time introductory lesson. Some children (7-12 years old) also took lessons from Mele after school.

MEMORABLE MOMENTS – CLICK ON A PHOTO to read a testimonial from music studio students

MEMORABLE MOMENTS – CLICK ON A PHOTO to read more testimonials from other students

Private ukulele lessons

Gift of ‘Ukulele Lessons

GIFT CERTIFICATES were available from November 2011 – December 2018 whereas a recipient had six months to redeem it for a private lesson on Maui or via webcam.