1st Small Group

Small Group Lessons

Three teenagers from California on spring break took my first small group lessons at the Bailey House in March 2012.

“My love for the ukulele grew even more on my first trip to Hawaii last year where I was able to pick up three new ones. Ever since I picked one up it always puts a smile on my face and makes me happy. My brother and I started playing together and always have fun when we do; we also play the piano and guitar. It was an easy extension to pick up the ukulele although the strumming and finger positioning is quite different.

“My mom had planned another trip to Hawaii this time to Maui for our spring break. We all thought it would be fun to take some formal private lessons for the ukulele. She did some research and found Mele which turned out to be a lot of fun and informative. Mele was an excellent teacher and made it fun and interesting for us. We brought our friend Adam along and we all took lessons together and after our first lesson we were able to play Happy Birthday over the phone to Adam’s sister who lives in San Diego. We are back in La Jolla, California playing our ukuleles one again.

Thank you Mele for helping us perfect our new techniques. Nick, Kris, and Adam.” — 31 March 2012.

(Photo of Kris and Nick Moore, Adam Corlet from California who took 2 small group lessons at the Bailey House, March 2012)