Packaged Song Sets

Book/DVD/CD sets for different abilities

Packaged Song Sets

Gift of Packaged Sets

Packaged song sets of Book/DVD/CD were designed for beginners, intermediate, and advanced ukulele players to have all the tools in one spot to learn the Ukulele Mele Way off-line. The sets offered what online subscribers could access – two page song sheets, video lessons, and audio recordings – without the video stories in a format they could access anytime without needing an internet connection.

Sets were sold online and on Maui from 2011-2018, and were revised for a consistent look and feel in 2016. Professional photographer Llevellyn Lightsey of Light Sea Images took photos of Mele at the Bailey House on 29 June 2015, and one photo became the new look for all the back covers of the packaged sets. Gift Certificates could be purchased with the receiver having 6-months to select their set to be mailed to them. One set was available for sale on Amazon in 2017.

SELLING ON AMAZON – CLICK ON A PHOTO for the story behind it

SIX PACKAGED SONG SETS – each with 6 songs with 8 different strums per set:
1. For beginners: Sing-Along Songs Vol. 1 using 2-4 ukulele chords.
2. For beginners: Sing-Along Songs Vol. 2 using 2-6 ukulele chords.
3. For intermediate players: Nostalgic Hawaiian Songs Vol. 1 using 5-9 ukulele chords.
4. For intermediate players: Nostalgic Hawaiian Songs Vol. 2 using 5-8 ukulele chords.
5. For advanced players: Hapa Haole Songs Vol. 1 using 5-14 ukulele chords.
6. For advanced players: Mele Kalikimaka Vol. 1 using 4-8 ukulele chords.


“I can’t express to you how much I enjoy working with your lessons that I purchased two years ago via the Nostalgic Hawaiian Songs, Vol. 1 packaged set of book/DVD/CD. There is so much to learn that I don’t know and your lessons help me to make learning both fun and help me to get to a place where I feel like I’m actually learning the strums and me and my Uke are friends :).” – Hans Staab from Colorado, 24 April 2016.

“Mele: Aloha. I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know I am enjoying your book Ukulele Strums for Nostalgic Hawaiian Strums. After watching your instructional video a few times, I was playing Aloha Oe with the play along CD in a matter of minutes. Your instructions were very easy to comprehend and apply to the song. I see how these strum patterns can apply to other songs as well. Now if we can do something about my vocals. Mahalo and I enjoy getting your newsletters.” – Patrick Greeson from La Mesa, CA, 02 October 2013.

“Hi Mele, A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and all at home. Thank you for the very systematic and easy to learn lessons in the DVD you sent to me. I really enjoy the songs and have been practising them regularly. As a retired teacher myself, I find your method of teaching very suitable for beginners like me. I am also interested in your subsequent volumes. All the best.” – Patrick P.S. Ang from Australia, 25 December 2012.

MEMORABLE MOMENTS – CLICK ON A PHOTO for the story behind it

February 2012. 1st Hawaiian Songs Vol. 1 mailed to Tennessee.
November 2012. 1st Gift Certificate purchased (friend relocating from Hawaii to Virginia).
December 2012. 1st Mele’s Kalikimaka mailed to California.
May 2013. 1st Sing-Along Songs vol. 1 mailed to Australia.
May 2014. 1st Sing-Along Songs Vol. 2 released.
November 2014. 1st Hapa Haole Song Vol. 2 released.
December 2014. 1st Hawaiian Songs Vol. 2 released.
October 2017. Sing-Along Songs Vol 1 Book with DVD and CD available for sale on Amazon.

ARCHIVES – CLICK TO SEE original booklet covers
Nostalgic Hawaiian Songs Vol. 2 announced 26 January 2015.
Hapa Haole Songs Vol. 1 announced 24 November 2014.
Revised Sing-Along Songs Vol. 2 announced 29 September 2014.