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Oral History

Prince Kuhio Day Program


Learn about Hawai'i's royalty and their legacies, and then learn to sing related Hawaiian songs.

Photo by The Maui News on the front page with accompanying 2-page story about the Prince Kuhio Day program on March 26, 2015, published March 27, 2015.

Read the blog review, and/or go straight to open the front page and open the inside cover page to read all about it.





Ukulele Mele teaches Hawaiian oral history programsMele is a member of the 'Ahahui Ka'ahumanu, a royal society of Native Hawaiian women honoring Queen Ka'ahumanu. Mele has expanded upon 5-minute oral history talks given at general membership monthly meetings into 1-hour plus PowerPoint presentations given in a classroom setting. These classes were offered at the Bailey House Museum in 2014-2015 and continue to be offered at our local senior center.

Location: Kaunoa Senior Center in Spreckelsville (open to adults 55+ who sign up in advance)

  • Learn about a royal monarch and their contributions to the Kingdom of Hawai'i
  • Sing songs reflecting that time period and learn the stories behind them
  • 'Ukulele players and guitar players are invited to bring instruments to play along
  • (Photo by Maui News photographer at Kamehameha Day program June 11, 2015)

Queen LiliuokalaniLydia Kamaka'eha Paki, aka Queen Lili'uokalani, last monarch and only queen regnant of the Kingdom of Hawai'i

September 2, 1838 - November 11, 1917 (aged 79)




King Kamehameha the GreatKamehameha 1, aka King Kamehameha the Great, conquered the Hawaiian Islands and formally established the Kingdom of Hawai'i in 1810

June 11, 1758 - May 8, 1819 (aged 60 or 61)



Prince KuhioJonah Kuhio Kalanianaole, aka Prince Kuhio, first native Hawaiian and only person elected to U.S. congress who was born a royal

March 26, 1871 - January 7, 1922 (aged 50)



Four RoyalsNa Lani Eha (The Four Royals), David Kalakaua, Queen Lili'uokalani, Princess Likelike, and Prince Leleiohoku





Thursday, November 2. Na Lani Eha - The Four Royals. 

PAST PROGRAMS (See photo gallery)

2016: All at Kaunoa Senior Center
Friday, January 8. Kamehameha, Hawaii's First King. (blog review)
Friday, February 26. Lili'uokalani, Hawaii's Last Queen. (blog review)
Friday, March 11. Prince Kuhio. (blog review)
Thursday, October 27. Na Lani Eha - The Four Royals. (blog review)

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2015: At Kaunoa Senior Center unless otherwise noted
Monday, January 5. Hawaii's Last Queen Lili'uokalani (blog review)
Friday, February 6. Hawaii's First King Kamehameha (blog review)
Thursday, June 11 (Hawaii state holiday). (announcement) (photo in newspaper) (blog review of program at Bailey House Museum)
Friday, March 6. Prince Kuhio (blog review)
Thursday, March 26 (Hawaii state holiday). (Event info) (blog review of program at Bailey House Museum) (Front page story Maui News) (Second page Maui News)
Friday, May 1. Na Lani Eha (The Four Royals) (blog announcement) (blog review)
Saturday, September 5. Hawaii's Last Queen Lili'uokalani (announcement) (blog review of program at Bailey House Museum)

2014: At Bailey House Museum
Saturday, September 13. (Event Flyer) blog announcement) (blog review)