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Mele's Method: Basic Waltz

Welcome to your introduction to the Ukulele Mele Method.



  • Home Base Position - how to hold the 'ukulele and support it comfortably to form chords with your left hand
  • Strum Up - how to strum up on the 'ukulele with your right hand
  • Strum Down - how to strum down on the 'ukulele with your right hand
  • Strum Up and Down - how to strum up and down in 4/4 time and play the Chalang-alang aka Come In Strum
  • Strum Basic Waltz - how to strum in 3/4 time and play the Thumb Strum Up Strum Up Strum
  • Strums in 4 - demonstration of 5 different strums in 4/4 time to the same song
  • Strums in 3 - demonstration of 3 different strums in 3/4 time to the same song
  • Picking Strums - demonstration of one picking strum in 4/4 time and one picking strum in 6/8 time