2013 Brunch Show

Steel Guitar Festival

The Hawaiian Serenaders performed for 30-minutes in between two steel guitar groups as part of the Hawaiian Steel Guitar Festival at Kaanapali Beach Hotel’s Sunday brunch entertainment.

We sang a mix of Hawaiian and hapa-haole songs from the boat days era, and received a standing ovation after singing “Flying.” It meant a lot to see Kaipo Ahsing, Alan Akaka’s guitar player, and visitors rise to their feet and applauding.

After our show, one man came up asking to buy a CD. He said of all the groups he listened to the previous day, we were the only one he heard. As we walked past the audience eating lunch outdoors, we saw many nods of thanks and shaka signs of appreciation.

(Photo taken at the Maui Hawaiian Steel Guitar Festival at Kaanapali Beach Hotel on Sunday, 21 April 2013)