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Hawaiian Songs and Stories


Homesick Hawaiians and Hawaiians-at-heart can perpetuate traditional Hawaiian songs and pass on the stories behind them by learning from Ukulele Mele from wherever you live. Learn from an experienced educator who happens to be Native Hawaiian with over 50 years experience playing the uke and can teach you unique strums to your favorite songs so they sound better.


  • Forgot the tune? Listen to audio recordings of song arrangements with lyrics and unique 'ukulele strums.
  • Can't sing? Play along with professional entertainers, The Hawaiian Serenaders, who sing for you.
  • What's the story? Learn the stories behind the songs in keeping with Hawaiian oral history traditions.


1. Single Song Purchases - select from 40 Hawaiian and hapa haole songs to learn to play one at-a-time by dowloading to your digital device.

2. Packaged Song Sets of book/DVD/CD - take the CD to kanikapila (play music) for your friends or get your group to get their own sets so everyone can have fun playing the songs the same way. Learn 6 songs with 8 unique strumming styles per set.

3. Private Webcame (Skype) Lessons - visit the free online Fan Club and listen to audio recordings of more Hawaiian and hapa haole songs you can learn to play the Ukulele Mele Way. Get the song sheets and lessons on how to play them after scheduling your lesson.

4. Monthly Online Lessons for self-study - subscribe to Complete Monthly Online Lessons aka Advanced Online Lessons for experienced 'ukulele players. There are 24 Hawaiian songs and 8 hapa haole songs to choose from a total of 50 songs. Each song lesson includes the song sheet, video lesson, audio recording, and bonus video story behind the song. Purchase the One Month Trial or Recurring Monthly Package for savings.

5. Oral History classes on Maui - attend classes offered at Kaunoa Senior Center for adults 55 and beter. Learn about Hawai'i's royalty and their legacies, and then learn to sing related songs of their era.

6. Entertainment - enjoy The Hawaiian Serenaders performing nostalgic Hawaiian songs for your next private concert on Maui or at Workshops Will Travel.


All songs that you can learn to play via Packaged Song Sets and Complete Monthly Online Lessons are in the public domain, meaning they are very old traditional songs. More contemporary Hawaiian and hapa haole songs are offered in the online Fan Club. Click on the song title below to hear an audio sample.

Watch Story Behind the Song "Aloha 'Oe"


1. Akaka Falls
2. Alekoki 
3. Aloha No Wau I Ko Maka 
4. Aloha 'Oe 
5. Hanohano Hanalei 
6. Hawaii Aloha 
7. Hawaiian War Chant 
8. Henehene Kou Aka 
9. Hula O Makee 
10. I Kona 
11. Kaimana Hila 
12. Kaulana Na Pua 
13. Koni Au I Ka Wai 
14. Kuuipo I Ka Hee Pue One 
15. Kuu Pua I Paoakalani 
16. Makalapua 
17. Maui 
18. Na Alii 
19. Papalina Lahilahi
20. Pua Lilia
21. Queen's Jubilee
22. Royal Hawaiian Hotel
23. Sanoe
24. Ua Like No A Like


1. Hawaii Calls
2. Honolulu I'm Coming Back Again 
3. Little Brown Gal 
4. Maui Girl 
5. My Little Grass Shack 
6. On The Beach at Waikiki 
7. Soft Green Seas 
8. Ukulele Lady

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