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Summaries of Mele’s classes since 2009

Kaunoa classesDo you want to start a business? You certainly have bankable ideas. Discussions with your nearest and dearest will invigorate your imagination. Also, collaborations are good for your relationships.” – Today’s Horoscope by Holiday Mathis on Sunday, October 12, 2008 – on the morning that Mele talked to Lana Queddeng, Leisure Program Assistant (over Ahahui Ka’ahumanu lunch) about the idea of teaching at Kaunoa Senior Center.

The next day, Mele presented Lana with a Program Proposal “The Joy of Music.” The goal “to enhance the lives of seniors by offering a comprehensive music program of ongoing classes through Kaunoa that involve participants in life-long learning of music skills for personal knowledge and to share with others.”

In January 2009, Mele began teaching a “Ukulele Beyond The Basics” 6-month course that met weekly on Monday mornings for 2-hours and culminated in a graduation program where students demonstrated their collective abilities to play 7 different ukulele strums to selected songs accompanied by Richard Tom on upright bass. During the graduation program, Pomp and Circumstance was played as students processed in the room to receive their diploma signed by Mele and the Director of Kaunoa Senior Services. Then each student received an identification card to “Mele’s Ukulele Alumni Club” for a lifetime of ukulele fun and fellowship. Four classes ranging from 8-13 students each were held from January 2009-December 2011. Several students progressed into the Maui Ukulele Pops Band and other classes as Mele’s initial experiment to offer musical lifelong-learning classes at Kaunoa continues.

Today, Mele offers ukulele classes for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players, singing classes, Hawaiian history, and more.


“The best was Ukulele Week which was so much fun – I love it,” wrote Les Perreira referring to a special week of ‘ukulele classes and concerts from November 12 – 19 to celebrate Mele’s 7th year of teaching at Kaunoa Senior Center for adults 55 and better. – 18 November 2016.

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2019 – The Hawaiian Serenaders presented a “Pop & Jazz Concert to celebrate Mele’s 10th year at Kaunoa and presented our second consecutive “Hawaiian Style Christmas Concert” for the December Picnic for Poki Hawaiian Music Series with dancers from Na Hula Kupuna O Kaunoa. Mele taught 63 classes including a new Island Stories and Song series, and led 1 Band show.

2018 – Hula dancers from Kaunoa danced in two Picnic For Poki Concerts in June and December for The Hawaiian Serenaders. Mele taught 67 classes including new Hawaiian History and Song Series, and led 1 Band show.

2017 – Professional videographer filmed ukulele students (Beverly, Eileen, Kathleen, Peggy, and Susan) in workshops and lessons at Hale Ho’iki’ike for a YELP video my business. Mele taught 38 continuing ukulele classes, 11 sing-along classes, 38 open classes, led 1 Band show and performed 1 Jazz Trio show.

2016 – Feature story published in The Maui News to celebrate Ukulele Mele Music Week of special classes and concert to celebrate my 7th year of teaching at Kaunoa. Mele taught 87 classes including new sing-along series, 8 classes led by facilitator with Basics Online Course subscription, led 3 Band shows, performed 1 Hawaiian Serenader show, performed 1 Jazz Trio show, and hosted student parties at home.

2015 – New “Ukulele Mele Basics” and “Ukulele Mele Beyond the Basics” online courses by monthly subscription available on my website with Kaunoa students having the option of attending class led by a facilitator (Kaleo) and then on the last day of class they attended my Ukulele Strumming 202 class for a group learning experience. Mele taught 54 classes, organized 12 classes led by a facilitator using Basic Online Course subscription lessons, led 3 Band shows, performed 8 Hawaiian Serenader Shows at Ukulele Mix Plate (some with Kaunoa hula dancers), performed 1 Jazz Trio show, and hosted practices/parties at home.

2014 – Video recorded “Are UKE having fun yet?” with Kaunoa students for my website and YouTube channel. Mele taught 59 classes including offering a class during the 4-6pm time slot to attract seniors who are still working, led 3 Band shows, and hosted student parties.

2013 – Online Fan Club launched offering 21 songs with PDF song sheets and audio files for free download on my business website (licensed 1 July 2011) and new packaged song sets of book/DVD/CD available for sale. Mele taught 71 classes including new Play Along classes, led 2 Band shows, performed 1 Hawaiian Serenader show, and performed 2 Jazz Trio shows.

2012 – Student Andrea Kaumeheiwa wrote the Band jingle in response to my challenge to the class to come up with an ending song for our shows. Mele taught 68 classes including new continuing ukulele classes, led 8 Band shows, performed 7 Jazz Trio shows, and organized a Band close out party at Hinano and Andrea’s (to discontinue pursuing Band gigs).

2011 – Akaku TV filmed and produced 17 videos of the Band performing songs some with hula and uploading them to my new YouTube channel in lieu of traveling to Japan to perform because of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. Mele taught 76 classes, led 13 Band shows, performed 2 Jazz Trio shows, and hosted the Band Christmas party at home.

2010 – Mele taught 98 classes including new Hawaiian history classes, led 8 Band shows in the community, performed 1 Hawaiian Serenader show and hosted extra student practices/parties at home.

2009 – Mele conducted the 1st Christmas show with ‘ukulele players and singers. Mele taught 80 classes, led 1 Band show, performed 2 Hawaiian Serenaders Shows, and hosted student graduation parties at home.

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