Hawaiian Show Friday

Alaska Adventure

We performed our first concert “Ukulele Tour of the Hawaiian Islands” to kick start the Homer Alaska Ukulele Players Event. We took the audience on a virtual tour by songs about the Big Island, Oahu, Maui, Molokai, and Kauai with a mix of stories in between. The audience was encouraged to wear aloha attire.

When asked “How many of you have been to Hawaii?” Many in the audience raised their hands and some said they like to escape the harsh Alaskan winters by spending months in places like South Africa, Panama, and Hawaii.

The concert was held at the same location for the players event at Homer Council on the Arts, 355 West Pioneer Ave, Homer, Alaska, phone (907) 235-4288.

(Photo taken at Homer Council on the Arts, Homer, Alaska, Friday 30 August 2013)