Gift of “G’ Day Mate”

Heartfelt Highlights

Mele received a call from Patrick saying he was at the airport in Australia on his way to Maui and wanted to schedule a private ukulele lesson. When Patrick and his wife arrived at the Bailey House, he gave Mele a koala bear embroidered with “G’ Day Mate” on a keychain (hangs from Mele’s purse).

“Many thanks for all your help and valuable tips for my 1st ever uke lesson as a 75 year-old long time self-taught uke player (by ear). To me, you are a good and a very experienced and knowledgeable teacher, particularly helpful for seniors like myself. Thank you so much for pointing out my incorrect techniques and correcting my hand and arm positions in holding and strumming the uke. Your approach and method to playing the ukulele is so much more natural and relaxed. Your explanation is also very clear and easy to follow. I shall certainly try out the different strumming patterns you have introduced and taught me. It was a most beneficial learning experience with you, and a real pleasure and joy for me to have met you and learn from you. I have no hesitation in highly recommending you to anyone desirous of improving their method and technique of playing the ukulele.” – Patrick Goh from Sydney, Australia, 16 June 2014.

(Photo of Patrick Goh from Australia who gave a gift and took a lesson in June 2014)