Small Kid Time Friends

Heartfelt Highlights

The Hawaiian Serenaders performed during and after the wedding ceremony for Mele’s high school friend Andrew Ho and his bride Holly in a cowboy themed event in keeping with their love of horses and living in upcountry Maui. The bridal party rode in on horses for the wedding ceremony on a private horse pasture on the slopes of Haleakala. Kamehameha Schools Chaplain Kalani Wong officiated and the Serenaders played music and backed up the groom in singing too. We toasted with sparkling apple cider as the sun began to set behind the West Maui Mountains.

The Serenaders also entertained during the wedding reception that followed at Pukalani Community Center. The best man told the story of how the bride and groom planned their wedding in 3 weeks because May 1st held sentimental value to them.

(When Andy first asked us to play for his wedding we said sure, but we’re not singing from horseback)

(Photo of Holly & Andy Ho on their wedding day with us, Thursday, 1 May 2014)