Framed Festival Token

Heartfelt Highlights

At our 4th of July party in 2016, Ukulele Strumming 202 student Sally Waki presented a framed photo of Mele showing off the Ukulele Festival medallion received from participating as one of hundreds of people on stage backing up Willie K at the 45th Annual Hawaii Ukulele Festival at Kapiolani Park on Oahu in 2015. What a thoughtful gift!

Mele had attended the Ukulele Festival on Oahu in 2014 and then participated in 2015. Roy and Kathy Sakuma organize the festivals held on Sundays. In 2015 Mele attended the Saturday workshop given by Roy with guest Willie K (who showed Mele some on-on-one tips) and then joined the group on stage on Sunday. What an experience!

(Photo of the framed photo Sally Waki took of Mele in class showing off the Ukulele Festival medallion received on Sunday, 19 July 2015 with photo given on Monday 4 July, 2016)