Achievement Awards

Christmas at Kaunoa

The first all ukulele classes Christmas Party at Kaunoa was in 2013. The program included a Play-Along Workshop of Christmas songs without music sheets, Advanced Ukulele class performance of 9 songs while everyone else sang-along, jam session, presentations of Certificates of Achievements to 5 students, and catered lunch. Thirty-two people signed up and what fun we had!

I presented Certificate of Achievements to Doug Miller (caption below), Hinano Kaumeheiwa as Master Student of All Time during 2009-2013, Eileen Taketa as Chief Assistant of All Time during 2009-2013, Holly Huelsmann as Photographer of All Time during 2009-2013, and Allen Matsumoto as Ultimate Fan of the Year for continuing classes, taking small group and private lessons since September 2012, and attending our concerts.

(Photo taken of Doug Miller (graduated from Ukulele Beyond the Basics in December 2011) after receiving a Certificate of Achievement as Most Improved Student From Last Year at the 1st Annual Christmas Party, 18 December 2013)