Shops at Wailea Shows

Ukulele Mix Plate

The Hawaiian Serenaders performed at 8 Ukulele Mix Plate events at the Shops At Wailea from January – April 2015. We played a variety of Hawaiian, hapa haole, pop, and jazz tunes to show the versatility of what can be played on the ‘ukulele. The Shops setup the PA system but we had to run our own sound board for ourselves and during 5 Youth Showcases (not easy because of the different needs for each of the ‘ukulele players).

After our show, we changed the setup slightly for the ‘ukulele workshop part of the program by adding visual aids and our own wireless headsets.

(Photo of Mele and Rich performing at Ukulele Mix Plate at the Shops at Wailea on 25 March 2015)