Ukulele Mele Island Party November 18

Sing-Along with Mele Fong at the Island Party

Wanna sing? Wanna play ‘ukulele? Wanna sing and play ‘ukulele with others? Come to Mele’s Island Party on Friday, November 18 from 10 a.m. – noon at Kaunoa Senior Center for adults 55 and better. The Island Party culminates Ukulele Mele Music Week of special classes and events to celebrate my 7th year of teaching at Kaunoa and my 5th year of being in business as Ukulele Mele On Maui. Read a newspaper feature story about me – online version.

The party includes a group participation sing and play along, and a show by the Advanced Ukulele class. People that attended the singing class on November 14 or the ‘ukulele class on November 15 would have learned the songs for the group participation part of the party in advance. Students from my ‘Ukulele Strumming 202 continuing class have the advantage of receiving the song sheets with chord diagrams to learn the songs in class and having access to audio recordings outside of class. Everyone who attends the party will be able to see the song lyrics and ‘ukulele chords projected onto the screen at the front of the room for easy viewing.

Here’s the song list for the group participation “Sing-Along with Mele Fong” part of the program:

  1. Oahu – On the Beach at Waikiki – Hum Ding-Ah Strum
  2. Big Island – My Little Grass Shack – I Wanna Rest Strum
  3. Maui – Ulupalakua – ‘Ōlapa Strum
  4. Maui Waltz – 2 Waltz Strums: Thumb Strum Up/Chicken Pluck
  5. Maui – Puamana – I Wanna Rest Strum
  6. Maui – Lahaina – Latin Strum
  7. Molokai – Molokai Nui A Hina – Hum Ding-Ah Strum
  8. Kauai – Hanalei Moon – I Wanna Rest Strum
  9. General – Medley: Tiny Bubbles/Pearly Shells –Swing and Hum Ding-Ah Strums

Here’s the song list that the Advanced Ukulele class will perform on stage:

  1. Be My Baby – Boom Shaka I Wanna Strum
  2. Dahil Sa Iyo – Bossa Nova Strum
  3. Ka Ulu Wehi O Ke Kai – Latin Strum (Beverly will dance hula)
  4. Proud Mary – Tom Tom Strum
  5. Pua Lililehua – Morse Code Strum (Kathleen will dance hula)
  6. That’s Amore – 2 Waltz Strums: Chicken Pluck/Thumb Strum Up (all sway second time)
  7. Sukiyaki – Hum Ding-Ah Strum
  8. Girl From Ipanema – Bossa Nova Strum
  9. Medley: Maui Waltz/Pua Lilia – 2 Waltz Strums (Beverly will dance hula)
  10. Medley: La Bamba/Twist and Shout – Latin Strum
  11. Hana Hou – Sophisticated Hula – Boom Shaka I Wanna (if time allows)

Find out more about the ‘ukulele, singing, and Hawaiian history classes I have given at Kaunoa or call the Kaunoa office in Spreckelsville directly at 808-270-7308 to sign up .

Aloha, Mele Fong aka Ukulele Mele


Mele Fong is a professional singer, song arranger, and master of multiple strumming styles for the 'ukulele. She is an experienced educator with over 50+ years experience playing the 'ukulele and entertaining worldwide. Mele performs with her husband in the duo "The Hawaiian Serenaders" and leads student groups. In 1996, the duo represented the State of Hawai'i in concert at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. Mele and her husband Richard Tom were both born and raised on Oahu and now reside in Maui.