Sing-Along Series for 2020

Sing-Along classes at Kaunoa

Sing-Along with Mele Fong

The Sing-Along with Mele Fong Series is scheduled to continue into 2020 once a month on a Thursday from 10 a.m. – noon with lunch optional at Kaunoa Senior Center in Spreckelsville, Maui. The class is open to all voices to come and have fun whether you consider yourself a singer or not. Students sing popular songs and learn the stories behind them led by professional musicians on vocals, ‘ukulele, and u-bass. ‘Ukulele players are encouraged to play along what you can. The song’s lyrics and ‘ukulele chords are projected from a computer PowerPoint presentation onto the large screen at the front of the room (similar to Sing-Along with Mitch Miller). If there are songs in the Hawaiian language, we go over the pronunciation and translation before singing them.

Here is the schedule for a total of 12 classes with the monthly theme through the year:
January 16 – Hawaiian Party Songs to start the year.
February 20 – Paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy and country western songs).
March 5 – Folk (new).
April 16 – Hula Songs to celebrate the Annual Merrie Monarch Festival.
May 7 – Flowers and Lei Songs to celebrate May Day is Lei Day in Hawai’i.
June 4 – Small Kid Time Songs to celebrate the start of summer.
July 16 – Patriotic Songs to celebrate America’s Independence Day.
Aug 6 – Island Songs to celebrate Statehood Day (Hawaii’s Admissions Day as the 50th state).
Sept 17 – Rock ‘n’ Roll Songs.
October 29 – International Songs to celebrate United Nations Day and World Singing Day.
November 19 – Broadway Songs.

The 8th Annual Ukulele Mele Christmas Party will be December 16 from 9 a.m. – 12 noon. The program includes a sing-along of Christmas songs.

Check the website calendar for updates.

Aloha, Mele Fong aka Ukulele Mele