Sing-Along 2017

Reviews of Sing-Along with Mele Fong series

friends at sing-along

Rich & Mele with Australian friends Jim & Julie Bills in 2017

Mele offered 12 sing-along classes at Kaunoa in 2017. The format consisted of projecting the song lyrics and ‘ukulele chords from Mele’s computer PowerPoint presentation onto the large screen at the front of the room (similar to sing-along with Mitch Miller) for easy viewing by singers and ‘ukulele players. Mele’s voice and ‘ukulele was amplified along with Rich’s u-bass using Kaunoa’s PA system. New this year all the Christmas songs were put into the PowerPoint presentation format so there were no handouts.

The most popular class in 2017 was Small Kid Time Songs with 24 people.

The total signups for 2017 was 249 people for 12 classes including 39 people for the 5th Annual Christmas Party where a sing-along of Christmas Songs was part of the program. This was the first year the Christmas Party was open to all (regardless if a person took Mele’s classes or not) to enjoy a PowerPoint sing-along format of Christmas Songs.


“Being new here, we’re trying to learn Hawaiian songs. We sing Hawaii Aloha at church,” commented a caregiver who has been bringing her elderly mother to the monthly Sing-Along program.“I like the stories about the songs. You tell them with aloha,” commented another returnee to the program. – Island Songs, 17 August 2017.

“This is my favorite class. More people should come to your program.” commented a returning student. – Big Island Songs, 2 March 2017.

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ARCHIVES FOR 2017 – CLICK ON THE CLASS TITLE listed by month for comments, song list, and more.

January – Maui Nui 20, February – Oahu 14, March – Big Island 18,
April – Kauai 16, May – Flower and Lei 21, June – Small Kid Time 24,
July – Patriotic 21, August – Island 20, September – Island Party 22,
October – Na Lani Eha 20, November – American Classics 14, December – Christmas 39

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2019 – 12 classes with 314 signups including 38 people (plus waiting list) for Christmas.
2018 – 11 classes with 269 signups including 37 people (plus waitifor Christmas.
2017 – 12 classes with 249 signups including 39 people for Christmas.
2016 – 7 classes with 130 signups (plus 30 for Christmas program not in Sing-Along format).

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