Serenader Debut at Lumeria Maui

“Thank you for giving us such beautiful music tonight. We so appreciate your serenading with the soulful nahenahe to soothe everyone. Much aloha, Dr. B”

The Hawaiian Serenaders performed for 32 people attending the Maui Cancer Wellness Retreat on August 4 at Lumeria

The Hawaiian Serenaders, comprised of my husband Rich on u-bass and myself on ‘ukulele, entertained 32 people attending the Maui Cancer Wellness Retreat on Friday, August 4 at Lumeria Maui. This was our debut of playing music for dining guests at the restaurant. The opportunity came about after I read a Maui News article about Dr. Bridget Bongaard, a board-certified internal medicine physician who was directing the first MCWR, and I offered our musical services. It was the right thing to do. Many cancer survivors came up to us after dinner to express their appreciation of our music, and some took pictures with us. A few ladies who were practicing yoga near to the restaurant also came up to thank us for our music.

We purposefully picked our song list of easy listening hapa haole songs with a mix of tempo, strums, and feel, and played all the following except for “Singing Bamboo” during our 1-hour set:

  1. Kupa Landing
  2. Hanalei Moon
  3. Ku’u Morning Dew
  4. On The Beach at Waikiki
  5. Pagan Love Song
  6. For You A Lei
  7. Song of Old Hawaii
  8. Uwehi Ami and Slide
  9. Medley: Maui Waltz/Pua Lilia
  10. I’ll Weave a Lei of Stars for You
  11. Shells
  12. Ka Pua E
  13. Lahaina
  14. My Yellow Ginger Lei
  15. Singing Bamboo
  16. Lovely Hula Hands

We set up to perform in the middle of the porch of Lumeria’s restaurant (another table for 16 is out of the picture).

The last time we performed at Lumeria was in February 2016 for the general managers wedding reception. We love the outdoor setting in upcountry Maui. To visit Lumeria’s website, click here.

Aloha, Mele Fong aka Ukulele Mele