November Workshop Review

Ukulele Mele On Maui

November Ukulele Mele Workshop

Nine people (including one husband who did not play) came to my 31st ‘Ukulele Strumming Workshop on Saturday November 21 from 10 a.m.- 12 noon at the Bailey House Museum in Wailuku. Three people walked in the door, and the rest had indicated in advance that they were coming. Unfortunately, my online workshop registration form was not working so I asked people to email me instead. Two new people took private lessons before coming to the workshop, and three new people booked private lessons for afterwards. Two locals who attended the October Workshop returned this month.

The new workshop format works. Instead of teaching songs in different keys and chords with increasing complexity, now I focus on teaching different strums using the same basic chords of C, F, and G7. This is a simpler approach that works with a group of ukulele players of mixed abilities. I explained how it is up to each person to decide whether to try just strumming with their right hand, just changing chords in rhythm, or to coordinate both right and left hands together. After all, the goal is to be inspired on what is possible to play on the ukulele and to have fun. The workshop is an introduction to what people can learn from me both at private lessons on Maui and online lessons from home.

During the first half of the workshop, we played the following:

  1. Horse With No Name (2 chords of Am and A7sus) – Chalang-alang strum
  2. Lion Sleeps Tonight – Chalang-alang/I Wanna Rest strums
  3. This Land is Your Land – Hum Ding-Ah Strum
  4. She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mt – Hum Ding-Ah Strum
  5. My Girl – Latin Strum
  6. Sloop John B – Latin Strum

During the second half of the workshop, we played the following:

  1. Medley: La Bamba/Twist and Shout
  2. The More We Get Together – 3 Waltz Strums
  3. Hawaii Aloha – Morse Code Strum with amen ending
Ukulele Mele On Maui

Making new ukulele friends from CA

We have come a long way in development since the first workshop on July 14, 2012. For example, now I use the 8 ½ x 10” large chord shapes that fit the Velcro board so that people sitting far away can see them (we developed these displays last winter for the large crowds at Ukulele Mixed Plate). There have been 380 participants at the 30 workshops up through October 17, 2015. Onward we go!

The next 2-hour Ukulele Strumming Workshop is Saturday, December 19 from 10 a.m. – noon at the Bailey House Museum. Register today!

Aloha, Mele Fong aka Ukulele Mele