Mother’s Day Memories

My memories of mom are of standing next to the piano and beating time with her hands like a human metronome as I practiced playing the songs. I started piano lessons when I was 7-years-old, and continued all the way through high school and into college at the Conservatory of Music at University of Pacific in Stockton, California. Along the way, I learned ‘ukulele, and taught myself to play guitar. Read more about growing up in Hawaii.

Playing guitar with Grandma and Dad

Playing guitar with Grandma and Dad

In this picture, I’m playing music with my Hawaiian grandmother and Chinese dad at my grandparent’s house in Hana, Maui.

My 91-year-old mother now lives in a nursing home on Oahu. As I think about Mother’s Day, I remember wonderful family gatherings full of music and good times. Lucky we live Hawaii.

Aloha, Mele Fong aka Ukulele Mele