Strums Change Mood

Kaunoa Testimonial

“I’m a novice ukulele player. January 2009, I knew seven basic chords and one basic strum. Mele’s lessons have vastly broadened my skills. Mele’s strumming techniques will heighten one’s awareness of the various and distinct rhythms every song has, so you can immediately determine which strum to use. The different strumming techniques take on an identity in itself and you’ll discover that some songs can even be accompanied by different strums, and that each strum, will change the mood of the song (slow/romantic, upbeat, jazzy or sassy). AWESOME!

Mele’s instructional technique raises the bar in learning difficult chords and rhythm patterns and different chord formations that challenges you to concentrate, but in the end you develop discipline and a confidence that you can add these various strums to any song and make playing more interesting; pleasurable and fun. Added benefit… one learns to sing songs correctly!” — Gail Hayashi, June 2011 (first class of January 2009, original Maui Ukulele Pops Band member)