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Kaunoa Testimonials

“I started Mele’s Ukulele Strumming 101 class in July 2012 and continued with the Ukulele Strumming 202 class, both at Kaunoa Senior Center. Currently, another person and I are together taking private ukulele lessons with Mele. The ukulele produces a nice mellow tone and I was amazed that strumming the chords sounds full with just the four basic strings. Mele’s technique of hand/finger positioning will definitely allow you to play the ukulele well and help prevent injuries to your hands. I feel it’s better to start out with good playing techniques rather than try to correct bad habits. Mele’s various strumming styles and easy-going style of teaching makes it a fun and delightful learning experience.

Because she is a professional musician and is educated in music theory, we are fortunate to have Mele for an ukulele teacher. Her November 2012 performance at Queen Ka’ahumanu Mall, which I attended, demonstrated the versatility of her ukulele playing.” — Allen S. Matsumoto, 2 December 2012.