Ukulele Mele Week

Kaunoa Testimonial

“I’m a student in Mele’s Ukulele Class. I’d like to tell you how much I enjoy it. Mele is always positive. When you can’t get the strumming, she’ll tell you to play “air ukulele” or just practice holding the chords and play what you can. It’s fun. What is most amazing is the amount of research she does

1) making sure the lyrics are correct,
2) who wrote the song,
3) what the song is about.

Then she’ll print it or put the song on PowerPoint so we can play and sing it. She still finds the time to put on presentations like Songs of the Islands or Stories of the Monarchy. The best was Ukulele Mele Week which was so much fun – I love it!

I’m so happy to have Mele as my ukulele teacher. I appreciate what she does and hope she keeps up the hard work. Thank you very much.” — Les Perreira, 23 November 2016.