Hula Heritage

Mele has danced hula since childhood

Hula Heritage

Hula at Queen’s Fest

Mele is a Hawaiian cultural practitioner of song and hula. Mele has Hawaiian-Chinese ancestry and grew up on Oahu and Maui singing and dancing hula in the old Hawaiian way. Today, she also continues the Hawaiian oral history traditions of telling the stories behind the songs whether the songs are Hawaiian or not.

Mele started piano lessons at age 7 and her mom used to stand nearby beating time with her hands like a human metronome during practices. Mele’s Dad managed “Charlie’s Dollies” a group of 5 girl cousins (4 sisters and Mele) when they were 5-12 years-old as they danced hula, played musical instruments, and sang at family parties, church, and the Armed Services YMCA, etc.

Mele’s Dad said, “Music is the universal language meant to be shared and it will open doors for you” and that has come true. Mele has danced hula in Egypt and represented the state of Hawai’i in concert at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. and more as she continues to share her Hawaiian culture today.

Mele Fong danced hula to “Puamana” sung by entertainers on stage at a local party for 440 guests at Pacific Beach Hotel in Waikiki in June 2014. To jump up from the audience and hula – “that’s the Hawaiian in me”!

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