Christmas at Kaunoa

Annual Ukulele Mele Party and sing-along

The Annual Ukulele Mele Christmas party and Sing-Along welcomes all singers and ‘ukulele players whether you have taken Mele’s classes or not.  Highlights from the year and a sneak peak of what’s coming soon is presented. We sing and play ‘ukulele to Christmas classics and Hawaiian style Christmas songs in the “Sing-Along with Mele Fong Series” format. Make new friends, renew the old and share the joy of making music the Ukulele Mele Way. Buffet lunch included.

NEXT PARTY: Wednesday 9 December 2020.

We played Jingle Bells (with a verse in Hawaiian) with Hum Ding-Ah Strum during our 4th Annual Christmas Party in 2016 at Kaunoa Senior Center for adults 55 and better.


“We had a very, very, Merry “Mele” Christmas today (14 December 2016) at Kaunoa Senior Center. Under the direction and teaching of Mele Fong ~ holiday songs that could have been tired and predictable, became creative and challenging through the unique ukulele styling teaching method she has developed. Through the use of special introductory chords, innovative rhythms, and chord progressions, songs that we have heard for 50 years became “new again” and heard in the spirit of the composer. There were feelings of cohesiveness and excitement as we were able to execute the compositions with her fresh new approach.

Mele has the ability to create a special spiritual connection between her primarily adult students, as they work among each other to master her song arrangements, with each receiving the benefits to mind and spirit that singing in harmony with others can provide.

Much appreciation to her for using her seemingly tireless energy to pass on to others the joy and knowledge she has received from her years of professional singing both as an individual and in a variety of groups and bands.

Mele Fong is a true island girl, and now woman, who has “come home” to Maui to give back generously to her community and students ~ not only during this holiday season, but throughout the year.” — Ellen Sjoholm on the day after the Christmas party, 15 December 2016.

MEMORABLE MOMENTS – CLICK ON A PHOTO for the story behind it


  • 2009. Mele’s Kalikimaka featuring the Kaunoa Ukulele Band and Singing Seniors classes performing together for a Kaunoa audience with Kathy Collins as MC and a videographer from Akaku TV station who produced the show for sale on DVD. We never did this Christmas production again (too much work to coordinate two classes).
  • 2009. First Christmas Party for Class 1 and Class 2 at Mele’s house (also hosted the potluck in 2010 and 2011 at the house).
  • 2013. First Christmas Party for all of Mele’s ukulele students at Kaunoa with buffet lunch. The program included a Play-Along Workshop of Christmas songs without music sheets, Advanced Ukulele class performance of 9 songs while everyone else sang-along, jam session, presentations of Certificates of Achievements to 5 students, and catered lunch.
  • 2014. After the party, we drove to Cameron Center to film Christmas Greetings to be broadcast on Akaku:Maui Community Media TV. We played “White Christmas” with Beverly Romias dancing hula, and “Christmas Luau” with Janet Rineer and Linda Ewing dancing hula. Plus we played “Silent Night” for a lady who requested our help with her greeting.
  • 2015. First Christmas Party where a wrapped tree ornament worth $5.00 was exchanged in a game (2017 was the last time we played this game). Last time Advanced Ukulele class performed at the party (all classes played music together). First time a selection of Christmas songs sung as part of the Sing-Along with Mele Fong Series.
  • 2017. First Christmas Party open to all regardless if a person took Mele’s classes or not. Instead of handouts, 13 Christmas songs were in the Sing-Along with Mele Fong Series PowerPoint program format (series began in 2016) and projected on the screen at the front of the room for all to see.
  • 2019. First Christmas Party where “enjoy highlights of the year” was written in the class announcement in Kaunoa’s December newsletter although that has been part of the program since 2015.

2019 – 38 people signed up (maximum for the room with a waiting list)
2018 – 37 people signed up
2017 – 39 people signed up
2016 – 30 people signed up