2018 Ukulele Mele Classes Announced

Are you 55 years-old or better and live on Maui? Then you are age eligible for one of the 90 classes that I will be teaching in 2018 at Kaunoa Senior Center. Read the class descriptions in the calendar view on my upcoming events webpage and then visit my Senior Classes webpage for information on how to sign-up and more. The classes below are open to new students so join in the fun today!

Sing-Along with Mele Fong Series (Updated and with new Hawaiian history moment of the month)

  1. Hapa Haole Songs (Jan 4)
  2. NEW Paniolo Songs (Feb 22)
  3. Maui Nui Songs (March 15)
  4. Hula Songs (April 5)
  5. Flowers and Lei Songs (May 3)
  6. Small Kid Time Songs (June 7)
  7. Patriotic Songs (July 19)
  8. Hawaiian Island Songs (Aug 16)
  9. NEW Pop Hits of the 50s, 60s, & 70s (Sept 6)
  10. Hawaiian Party Songs (Oct 25)
  11. American Classics (Nov 8)

Classes that include 30-day subscription to Online Courses on my website
1. Ukulele Mele Basics aka Beginner Online (April 9-30).
2. Ukulele Mele Beyond the Basics aka Intermediate Online (May 7 – June 4).

Classes that use my packaged song sets of book/DVD/CD of 6 songs with 8 strumming styles
1. Ukulele Strumming 101 uses Sing-Along Songs Vol 1 (Jan 8 – Feb 5)
2. Ukulele Strumming 101 uses Sing-Along Songs Vol 2 (Feb 12 – March 12).
3. Hawaiian Songs uses Nostalgic Hawaiian Songs Vol 1 (July 9 – 30).
4. Hawaiian Songs uses Nostalgic Hawaiian Songs Vol 2 (Aug 6 – 27).
5. Hapa Haole Songs uses Hapa Haole Songs Vol 1 packaged set (Oct 16 – Nov 5).
6. Christmas Songs uses Mele Kalikimaka Vol 1 (Nov 26 – Dec 17).

NEW Hawaiian History and Song (on 5th Wednesdays)
1. Queen Lili’uokalani (Jan 31)
2. State Holidays –Kuhio and Kamehameha (May 30)
3. Legacies of Hawaiian Leaders (Aug 29)
4. Merrie Monarch (Oct 31)

NEW Ukulele Mele Workshops
1. For Beginners (June 18)
2. For Beginners (Sept 10)
3. For Intermediate level (Sept 17)
4. For Beginners (Nov 19)

 6th Annual Ukulele Mele Christmas Party (Dec 19).

Adults of all ages can also take private lessons and workshops at the Bailey House in Wailuku, download single song lessons, learn online, and purchase packaged sets of book/DVD/CD.  Enjoy!

NOTE: Dates may change as the year goes on, so check the calendar view for current details.

Aloha, Mele Fong aka Ukulele Mele


Mele Fong is a professional singer, song arranger, and master of multiple strumming styles for the 'ukulele. She is an experienced educator with over 50+ years experience playing the 'ukulele and entertaining worldwide. Mele performs with her husband in the duo "The Hawaiian Serenaders" and leads student groups. In 1996, the duo represented the State of Hawai'i in concert at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. Mele and her husband Richard Tom were both born and raised on Oahu and now reside in Maui.