1st Lesson At Home


My first private ukulele student to take lessons at our music studio and to write a testimonial was Joan Albert in 2013.

“I’m astounded how much more confidence (and fun!) I’m having with the ukulele after just my first few lessons with Mele. Her focus on the basics of technique has opened up all kinds of new capabilities that I can now explore and practice on my own (in between lessons).

As a musician, Mele’s wonderful fluency and ease of playing give me something to aspire to. As a teacher, she demonstrates and guides with intelligence, kindness and humor. I find I learn more easily when I’m relaxed, and Mele put me instantly at ease. Her observations on how I’m holding the instrument, the position of arms, wrists and fingers have helped me overcome some incorrect habits and start playing the right way. It’s interesting to find that better technique actually makes playing so much easier and more enjoyable!

And I really enjoy Mele’s song arrangements. I purchased two of her sets (each comes with a song book, an audio CD and a lesson DVD) so I can continue learning when I’m away from Maui. The arrangements include a range of levels and a variety of strumming techniques. They make practicing fun.

I’m looking forward to participating in the next Play Along Workshop at the Bailey House. I highly recommend ukulele lessons with Mele!” – Joan Albert from Kula, Maui, 15 August 2013.

(Photo of Joan Albert from Kula who took 3 private lessons in July at our music studio, 15 August 2013)