1st Song Set Buyer


Donna Deel from California was the first to write a testimonial about watching my YouTube videos and then purchasing my first Nostalgic Hawaiian Songs packaged song set of Book/DVD/CD that was mailed to her.

“I was born and raised on Oahu and came to California in my early twenties, some 30+ years ago. Within the last year we have begun playing ukulele through the Polynesian Club of Fresno and we are having so much fun with it.

I came across your videos on YouTube and just love your Ukulele Pops Band, watching a number of the videos over and over. I’ve forwarded many of them to my friends, who are also starting ukulele, and they also are impressed. One friend, in particular, was brought to tears by Koko Ni Sachi Ari as it was a song her late mother loved, sang to her as a child, and even sang it in competition. Of course, we loved all the songs you were to perform in Japan, a wonderful variety and yet many reminders of Hawaii. A few of them we have also learned to dance at the polynesian club. You all do a fantastic job!

I have purchased your packaged lesson set and am now learning the different strumming patterns and hopefully will be as good as your group one day. Your lessons are wonderful, just the right amount of detail and so easy to follow to learn the strums. The history of the story of the songs is a great addition. So important, I think, when you’re learning a song or dance.

Mahalo for sharing your music and talents via YouTube and your packaged lessons! I look forward to seeing more of your group on YouTube!!” – Donna Deel from California, 29 July 2012.

(Photo of Donna Deel from California who wrote a testimonial and purchased a packaged song set that was mailed to her, 2012)