Member since 2004

Ahahui Kaahumanu

I was sponsored into the Ahahui by President Liz Morales of Chapter IV Wailuku, Maui, in September 2004. The following month I would learn to make a yellow lei hulu (to replace the yarn lei) to complete the official regalia. Thanks to my mom’s friend Mrs. Green who gave me the cotton eyelet missionary style dress.

I had met Liz in April at Pacific Radio Group where she worked as a DJ and I just finished an on air interview on Uncle Charlie Maxwell’s show. Starting in June I began attending monthly meetings as Liz’s guest, and the rest is history.

I received a Perfect Attendance Award for my first three years of 2005, 2006, and 2007, and in 2011. We meet 10 months a year (not in August and December) on the 1st Saturday of the month plus do projects in the community.

Through the years, I wrote the chapter’s brochure in 2006, recorded short stories for Pacific Radio Group in 2011, arranged songs and led the singing and playing ‘ukulele for hula dancers at public programs in 2017. As historian in 2008, I gave history talks about Queen Kaahumanu for public programs and at monthly meetings, and designed a 3-panel table top display on the Queen at Kaanapali Beach Hotel.

(Photo taken with Liz Morales at Hale Mahaolu Elua community hall, Kahului, September 11, 2004)